Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Open Heart

open heart
open spirit
open thoughts for you

I'm giving all that I've got
straight from the middle
of the feelings

and it is
every day
every way
every time with you

giving all that he's got
all that's inside
of the feelings they

with an open heart

and it's all that I've got
All that's inside
For the feelings
We impart

With an open heart

Open heart
Open spirit
Having open
Caring for you

Giving all that I've got
All in the spirit
Of the nature
That is you

And it is
All the day
All the way
All the time with you

And it's all that you got
All that you are
Every day
I'll see it through

With an open heart
With my heart on the line
I'm givin' all that I've got for you

With an open heart
Everything for you

Open heart
Open just for you