Monday, April 2, 2012

Chant for Health. Heb 13:8

intro / refrain:


(F) Jesus is the (Bb) same today as (Eb)yesterday for-(Dbmaj7) ever. He

(F) Stays the same to-(Bb) day tomorrow (Eb)always on for-(Dbmaj7) ever.


(F) Jesus Christ is the same (Bbmaj9) day after day, to- (Eb) day always for- (Dbmaj7) ever. He

(F) Stays the same yesterday, (Bbmaj9) now, tomorrow, (Eb) always the same for- (Dbmaj7) ever.

verse 6/8:


He is the north star, the sun, the sky, the hope we all live to see.

I count on his truth, which does not change, for all of eternity.


He is in our lives, a guide on our seas, constant, never changing.

We count on his faith, his unending love, he gives meaning to our lives.


He does not change he stays the same.

He is the one forever on.

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