Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heston Family Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

We have started preparing for Thanksgiving, and as usual we begin with a deep appreciation for all the gifts we have received from God, as demonstrated through all of the kindness others have given us over the years and in particular this last year.

There are so many people I am thankful for this year. My family has shown great kindness, in particular my wife and children but also my extended family, from the Hestons to the Wades to the Mercks and the Younkers. It is so nice to know that when the chips are down, that the family can and does come together to support one another. This year with the passing of my mother, the pain was softened and made bearable through the love from my family.

The people I work with have been wonderfully fantastic. At FCN and Peace Health St. Joseph's Medical Center, the doctors have always stepped up to help with challenging patients, and the nurses, techs, front office, and admin staff have once again this year gone above and beyond to support one another. We had one member of our team go through a profound personal tragedy, but once again, through the love from our team, this person has so far been able to manage and hopefully find some deeper meaning from the event. The Bellingham community is so open, friendly, and loving. I am deeply thankful for being part of such a loving community.

At Mountain Health Care, the Shoshone Community Health Clinic, and Shoshone Medical Center, I have been given the great privilege of being part of a deeply committed team of individuals who always go above and beyond to help the sick in north Idaho. These individuals have given me inspiration, and a deep humility. I am so grateful to work alongside these dedicated, highly skilled individuals that continue to bring cheerfulness and enthusiasm to their jobs.

This year I have also had the great pleasure of continued work with the International American University Medical College and College of Arts and Sciences. What a bunch of fun people. They make learning fun, and teaching even more rewarding. The students especially give me that great thrill of academic adventure, of learning valuable ideas that will improve people's lives.

My colleagues at Oakstone Medical's Practical Reviews in Nuclear Medicine once again have given me another year of intellectual challenges. This group of people helps keep strong my enthusiasm for learning the latest developments in medicine.

In the community where I live I am greatly blessed with knowing such kind and friendly individuals who not only do great work but also show a strong community spirit of volunteering. From Rotary to my church to my neighbors to the people at the stores where I shop, just about everyone gives me a smile, or a small encouragement, or a reason to laugh. The above-and-beyond attitude is alive and well, and I am thankful for that.

And finally, it has been a wonderful year of meeting new people online. Thanks to my editors at Yahoo! Contributor Network - they have really helped me write better. My Twitter friends always have interesting, thought provoking comments, and my Facebook friends continue to keep me entertained with great pictures and updates on some of the simple things in life, like a high school football game or a nice dinner. I've also just started getting to know people on the HealthTap community, and this has been an eye opening experience that has made me a better physician.

And of course, I am thankful to you, the reader, for continuing to stay interested and for giving me the feedback I need to become a better Internet physician.

Here's an outline of what my family will do this year to continue our Thanksgiving celebration:

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner According to the Heston Family Tradition