Thursday, October 16, 2014

Out of the Box Holiday Gifts: 5 Tips for the Techno Nerd

Some people don't like to leave their gaming console to go shopping for holiday gifts. It's cold outside, warm inside. You need shoes to go out, only socks if staying in. But don't miss out on the holiday giftgiving spirit! Here are some out of the box gift ideas that you can get right from home for that special you-know-who.

1. Give a fruit of the month club membership. This will send some healthy fruits to your gift recipient every month. Most people could benefit from more healthy fruit in their diet, so with this gift you could also be giving your friend the side-effect of better health. You can stay with your energy drinks and your potato chips. At least they will be getting fruit.
2. Give the gift of making your grandfather his very own domain. Giver him a cool domain name and good content. If you build a multi-page website, you may want to put in some Easter eggs to surprise him when he checks it out. Plus, be sure to put some of your own links on the site, to remind grand dad that the gift came from you.
3. Do you have a grandmother that you want to give something to? How about you dedicate to your grandmother her very own Sim City. Make the city unique to her, giving it some of her personality, but also some of yours. Then show it to her explaining all of the cool details you put in place.
4. Go out to lunch with your friend to that neighborhood health cafe. Order special food dedicated to your enjoyment and your health. Celebrate life, your friendship, and the divine. Good food, good friendship, good laughter. Even tech nerds need off-line friends. Make the most of them.
5. Electronic books are great out-of-the-box gifts that you can give to anyone with a computer, a notepad, or hand held smart phone. They no longer need a special reader, anyone can read them with just about any digital device. If you are not sure what the latest hot books are, just check out an online list of the digital book best sellers Be sure to check out the free electronic books. These free books often contain the greatest works in human history. Check out some Shakespeare, or Newton, or Socrates. These books are almost always free, so if you are on a tight budget, why not give a free book of one of the worlds greatest works of literature?
Holiday gift giving can frequently pose a major challenge for the techno nerd. These out of the box gifts can show your friends and family that you care about them, and that you were thoughtful in the selection of their gift. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are out-of-the-box.
Published by Tom Heston MD 12/6/2011
Tom Heston MD is a Johns Hopkins trained physician who practices clinical medicine in the Pacific Northwest.