Monday, December 1, 2014

Out of the Box Holiday Gifts: 5 Tips for the Health Nut

We all know that gift exchanges, while meaning well and having good intentions, sometimes don't get the results that everyone was hoping for. We all want to stay healthy, and so why not give the gift of good health to our family and friends? Certainly, good health doesn't come in a box, but we can often improve a person's heath dramatically by giving them a thoughtful, out of the box health gift. Here are some ideas to get you started designing all of the very unique and special gifts you will want to give.

1. Sign up your friend for a membership at the gym where you already have a membership. Or, if you don't yet have a membership, sign up the both of you. The gift in part is the gym membership, but the real gift only comes when you use it. So use it together. You both will get the physical health benefits, while building up a positive relationship at the same time.
2. What's better than vegan eating? At least, it is worth checking into. Take your gift recipient out to the best vegan cafe that you can find, or go to a regular place but make sure you both order vegan food. As you both are eating lunch, you can share with each other some health tips that you've learned over the years.
3. Go on several energizing and vigorous walks together with your friend with whom you want to give this gift. Talk about the joy of life and your fellowship with one another. Drink some healthy water on the way. Better yet, make this gift a gift of the month club.
4. Do some yoga exercises together, such as breathing exercises . These can be done just about anywhere, anytime. They involve meditation and can be very relaxing.
5. Play a game of chess together. You can find a free digital version for just about every device. Download it, figure out how the software works, then play a game with your gift recipient. Working and exercising your brain most certainly will improve your friend's health.
Out of the box gifts not only give personal health from one friend to another, they also can help improve everyone's environment by maximizing our material free exchange of gifts. Our trash cans won't fill up as fast and we will be less wasteful as we seek to rediscover the real meaning of our friendships, our community, our world, and beyond.
Give the Gift of Walking Together this Christmas

Published by Tom Heston MD on 12/6/2011
Tom Heston MD is a Johns Hopkins trained physician who practices clinical medicine in the Pacific Northwest.